American Flag Prohibited

American Flag prohibited in Londonderry: Thanks to Keith Hanson for his interview with Superintendent Scott Laliberte.  Listen to the segment  here. Here is the notice. Londonderry 091817  Contact Mr. Steven Juster at or (603) 432-6941 x2761

Situational Personhood

This article by Ellen Kolb is priceless. Leave it to our NEW HAMPSHIRE LEGISLATURE SITUATIONAL PERSONHOOD JUNE 5, 2017 ELLEN KOLB LEAVE A COMMENT During the debate preceding the recent vote on the fetal homicide bill, one New Hampshire state representative made her way to the House gallery to hand me a thick bundle of stapled […]

Surprise! It is possible.

A refreshing week!!!  One filled with respect, team work and overall civility.  It was refreshing because I was beginning to think that true courtesy, good manners and decency were no longer part of our society.